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Wusthof provides quality like nobody else

Use it to chop garlic, onions, peppers, and all sorts of other Machine Knives vegetables to add flavor to any meal. It is manufactured with care, being hand-forged from one piece of stainless steel, which gives it strength that can't be matched anywhere else." Is cutting chicken a chore? Make it a breeze by taking advantage of the heavy blade, which easily chops through bones and joints.


Wusthof provides quality like nobody else. For the promise of a cleaner you don't have to put a lot of thought into maintaining, choose Wusthof. Their cleavers are cut by laser, which is more precise as well as leaving your knife looking great. Whether you're making a stew, sweet and sour pork, Rubber Knife or delicious steaks, a quality cleaver saves you preparation time. They provide an excellent combination of beauty and functionality.


Cleavers can be used almost every day to cut meat and vegetables. Choose Wusthof. When you decide to buy a Wusthof cleaver, you are getting the best since these handy kitchen utensils come from Solingen Germany, which is known as the "Cutlery Capital of the World. Don't settle for knives that look like they came from a cookie cutter. Your Wusthof Cleaver is always within ready reach thanks to the "eye" in the blade you can use to hang it. Cleaning your Wusthof Cleaver is a breeze since it is completely safe to place in your dishwasher.


This is part of the Classic Wusthof Knife Set and carries with it two centuries of unparalleled Wusthof craftsmanship