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While living in the first floor of Machine Knife for Metal Working

While living in the first floor of Machine Knife for Metal Working said ,CHO lived nearby ,the husband is West Street a shoe factory boss ,she tried several times to see Zhao to the junction with Ah Mui ,and impose fist ,but a recent occurred at the end of last year .She ( CHO ) is blocking the road ,waiting for a long time ,after seeing her with a child to come back to buy food ,she moves to block her said , shame on you ,rob their husband ,and then forced to Ah Mui kicked several feet ,while he scold .

Playing 10 minutes,Louboutin Pas Cher,she didn fight back ,didn ,neighborhood to look not to the past ,to persuade them, later Zhao, your own way .Ms. Liu said .Husband stayed out all night cause murder she said ,yesterday afternoon 3 when much,she saw Zhao handcuffs ,taken by the police to the scene to identify ,I heard her statement said ,take a morning person, she ran to a shoe factory in hiding ,later went to the police station to surrender .

According to A Mei Chen introduction, 28 year oldA Mei from Jiangxi ,and her affair with a male Peng and wife are also from Jiangxi .A Mei works at a shoe factory ,five or six years ago and Pengmou meet after intercourse ,cohabitation and gave birth to a son .The child is 4 years old this year ,is reading in kindergarten ,she is sent to school ,Monday ,Sunday and then go home .The previous day ,Ah Mui said child cold has not sent to school ,will take care of him at home .

Ms Chan said ,Zhao will also have a two-year-old son ,Louboutin Pas cher,husband on Derailment has been to heart ,often come looking for her .Yesterday morning 7 when much ,because her husband stayed out all night ,Zhao with switchblade again blocked in her doorway .A Mei was just taking a child to go out with a knife ,Zhao Ying up, two people fight together ,A Mei left chest and thighs are classified two knife ,beside the child was also head injuries ,see the injury to the child , wife petrified ,sit on the ground of A Mei choked back pain take a mobile phone to call the man ,tell him to hurry home .