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When you simply throw a knife in a drawer

When you simply throw a knife in a drawer you are subjecting it to the worst possible conditions. There is also a hole for a knife sharpening steel. If you only have one knife, a block is a way to protect it and accommodate future purchases as you pursue your hobby. A Wusthof Knife Block is designed by the people who make the world's best knives to provide the world's best storage.Crafted from high quality wood and glued to the most stringent specifications, your knife block will last as long as your knives.

Every set of knives ought to be well protected. If you already own a Wusthof Knife Set or any knives that you want to preserve and keep safe, a knife block is an essential kitchen tool. It can rattle against other knives and kitchen utensils, at best probably dulling its blade and shortening its life and at worst chipping its finely honed edge. Protect yourself and your fingers. There is no way it can bang up against other knives or lose its edge. With no moving parts and careful, well balanced construction, a Wusthof block is storage you will be thrilled to own.

There is no better way to protect your investment in quality knives, and it is designed to house multiple knives with multiple slots for paring, Paper Cutting Knife slicing, chef's and utility knives. When a well designed knife is stored in a block, the weight of the handle holds the blade off of the wood base and keeps it as sharp as when it was stored. Additionally, in a Wusthof Knife Block your knives are attractively arranged and ready at hand to do the job you require. Protect your high quality, forged knives because they are an essential Scraping Ice Knife tool of your hobby or trade.