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Spanish holiday islands like Machine Knives

Spanish holiday islands like Machine Knives and Tenerife can quickly find themselves short of the tourists that keep their economies going. This is especially true of families with young children who are not willing to risk their well-being when alternative holiday destinations can be found just a short distance away on family friendly islands like Menorca.

Simple precautions and correct procedures can make the difference in preventing accidents in the shipping and receiving department of a retail store. If you operate a retail store or have a similar warehousing arrangement, then take a look at the tips below, they may help you to make your workplace safer and more efficient.

Stack cartons so that they're not piled at the end of aisles where people could trip over them. Clean all walkways (floors. aisles, stairs) and keep them free of debris, trash, spills or fallen merchandise.Place floor mats and carpets flat, without ripples or curled edges, and make sure they are slide-resistant. It is also important to eliminate obstructions from all the exit paths.

Stack merchandise in a stable manner that's easy to reach. Remove protruding objects (that can block walkways) from displays, counters, tables and floor stacks.Maintain at least 30" of clearance space around all sources of ignition such as heaters, boilers and electrical panels.Follow this three-step process when working with box cutters.