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Sharpening equipment comes in a wide variety of sizes

Colonial-period residents often created communities around a mill that processed grain and made sure that the village had a Three Way Trimmer Knife blacksmith.


Sharpening equipment comes in a wide variety of sizes, from the smaller items used occasionally in the workshop to the largest commercial grinders and specialty sharpening equipment. Chief among the tasks for many craftsmen was tool sharpening, a practice that has continued today. (Some experience craftsmen recommend a paper wheel for honing blade edges. The sharpener must be large enough and durable enough to handle large blades and some provision must be made for strop and honing blade edges.)


Those with some years of experience in craftsmanship that requires blades will urge the shopper to look for versatility in blade sharpening equipment. In many cases, the stone was round and worked on the same principle as a grist mill, with the stone turning slowly while the individual held a blade against the stone surface.

Since the first stone tools were used centuries ago, man has tried to find the best way to keep cutting edges sharp. In addition, the electrical sharpening wheels are a great improvement over the whetstone that was used by hand. Paper Cutting Knife All these factors are important when purchasing sharpening equipment that can cost several hundred dollars. A knife sharpener and/or a blade sharpener from one of several quality suppliers can be a welcome addition to the workshop.


Some home handymen prefer to sharpen knives and small blades by hand, using a whetstone. When this equipment is purchased, the individual will find a leather strop included. The smaller equipment will work well for the home craftsman and handyman, especially because they are less expensive and quite portable. As good metal blades were developed in more recent years, knife sharpening became a critical part of tool maintenance. Buying from a reputable and stable company is important as well, since there may come a time when it is necessary to get replacement parts or service. For those just beginning to work with blades and knives in the workshop, several companies provide brochures, manuals and videos that help the amateur become more proficient at keeping those essential blades clean and sharp