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Many times we have to admit

Bad story ,Ke Jingteng is violence rot of poor ,even in class aircraft, sat behind him Shen Jiayi is the good student ,then very vulgar is entangled two personal destiny ,but you have to admit ,the director how much ,because he can keep you from so popular drama comprehend understand moved ,that belongs to the sorrows of youth and restless feeling Paper Cutting Knife .Admire the director courage ,because he dared to do so ,he believed that the audience can defeat a critical eye ,and very successful ,so he can see ,when Ke Jingteng bursts kiss bridegroom mouth, I did not laugh ,but not in a playful gesture to say that he is gay ,the when your heart can be deeply moved ,all the restless youth ,are now pouring .

Graduation day,jordan pas cher, Hu Jiawei asked Shen Jiayi ,you decide to choose among them who? Shen Jiayi quietly said one sentence ,we can guess,loubotuin pas cher, but we don want to break this director childish layout ,because we regard myself as one of the characters ,air jordan,you may not Shen Jiayi ,not including the Ke Jingteng ,but you have had the same experience ,you may be one of the bad boys ,see in the dormitory, AV ,skipping all day ,left hand ,right mouse ,and you also very childish love somebody .Shen Jiayi once again to Ke Teng phone, known as old friends ,however ,I must tell you first, a simple word, but the youth love ending .

Many times we have to admit ,lunettes ray ban,we lack the courage to love,jordan shoes, we may be able to take the first step ,cheap supra shoes,but does not have the courage to continue moving forward ,we are not loved ,just to love window ,very few people have the courage to pierce the fragile paper ."'
Ke Jingteng ,Acao ,Awa ,erection, the edge ,at the same time the love does not belong to them camp &mdash ;&mdash ;good student ,Shen Jiayi ,and in their own way after her ,a group of poor students ,a top student ,bizarre gap .airjordanvchaussure.
When we are on a and take advantage of another ,and for his good friend to hide such important information feel angry ,but we should think about and, in fact they are not wrong ,for each of us ,magnanimous who ?Maybe it beautiful ,that is the real brain damage .php?h=502&app=blog&id=10213&user_id=502

But perhaps more so in that age group ,more so than a loving girl ,is the best end-result !Actually Ke Teng may not know is ,supra shoes,when he said in updating &ldquo ;please let me continue to love you &rdquo ;,Shen Jiayi has been on the other side write a &ldquo ;&rdquo ;.But he has not said to Ke Jingteng ,why ?A selfish .com/home.And said to Shen Jiayi ,I know you love Ke tang .When they offered to kiss the bride ,bridegroom and promised ,in fact the man what is so generous ,louboutin pas cher,so he asks ,want to kiss the bride ,how will first kiss him .
That is ,we like some people ,many years later we will remember ,perhaps we really miss is that time of their own and that a naive ,pure ,perfect youth .A little girl ,but reflects everyone mind, when you fall in love with who is the person you love, most of the time we feel the first does not immediately accept him ( her ) ,what we want is more romantic ,so we should let the other party to pay more .com,we pursue together girl from the house ,reproduced please specify the URL and author !If you love in those years ,we pursue together girl ,don recommend to your
When seeing Shen Jiayi ,she is wearing a beautiful wedding dress ,her smile ,still so beautiful ,but she took people not Ke Teng ,that a ,but does not know when it bursts out of a strange man .More often,loubotuin, we get up early, but late set .
Shen Jiayi said the fall in love time ,is the happiest time is when the play ambiguous ,so she can Ke Tang so early to catch up with her .

Then ,the parallel or coincident two life line is crossed ,and with the passage of time in the distance .
Ke Jingteng is a people get angry role, on Christmas day, Shen Jiayi and his flying with balloons ,when Shen Jiayi to tell the answer, he can choose not to listen ,because of this he can continue to love her ,we are opposite the galactic disk gas the incompetent idiot ,also resented Shen Jiayi pretending to have ,but we just outsider ,we are just the theater people ,so we don scruples ,we like to let the story to get a straight answer ,but Paper Converting Knives we can not change anything ,everything is attributed to the nine knife