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Everyday you see a mound of trash

Everyday you see a mound of trash and a pile of junk - scrap iron, bottle and softdrink caps, paper, rubber tires, and other materials that are, well, scrap. Still, these fascinated you to no end. If you think you have what it takes - imagination and creativity - go and make your first set of handcrafted scrap fashion items. The new generation artists are coming up with wonderful creations that are worth more than a second look. Even the choosiest prima donna will be proud to wear them for their fashion statement of the decade. The same fascination can be derived from a heap of crap. But if you've got time on your hands, why waste it? How about starting now?

The nouveau art is the in-thing now, and doing wonders for the eco-friendly efforts. These go well with everyday get-ups - mix and match them and you're ready to turn heads. You'll have to hook up to the Internet and browse sites offering this cheap but sensational wearable art. These are unique creations and can't be found just anywhere. Like all enterprises, there's grunt work to do. Do research on jewelry making and design. Before you snub them, take a closer look. You can order the basic tools and gadgets for your project.Remember the times you've gone over your grandmother's treasure trove of souvenirs? You found Paper Cutter quaint and outdated items that still held meaning for her. There is money in scraps and loads of it.


The environment-conscious are looking at scraps for fashionable art wear. As you improve your craft, you'll need soldering tools, wire cutters, a Swiss army knife, and other sophisticated apparatus. Sort everything and keep them away from rain and sun. A little imagination and some tools can set you in a lucrative fashion accessories business. These are cheaper than the faux Three Way Trimmer Knife pearls and gold and silver accessories you see cramming the store shelves. Before you know it, you'll be selling the scraps or fashioning wearable art from your junk. You can't imagine that the earrings are made from softdrink caps, or that bracelet is a reinvented lipstick lid or a hubcap. They are making waves and earning public recognition towards a global effort to save the earth's natural resources and the fight to reduce mounting scrap that's filling up more spaces than a suburban neighborhood.


Fashion gurus are also claiming their niche in the go green revolution and are accepting these new wave fashion accessories as the next best discovery after the sewing machine