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Dared to use cheap foreign brands and local brands duel

Dared to use cheap foreign brands and local brands duel, menacing, more depends on the foreign brands made in China. The day&Paper Cutting Knife39;s TM card door Seiki instrument on the knife and therefore a war fame, quickly became popular in the domestic market, the industry&Chipper Knives39;s leading # brand.


Price for this anomaly, China Industry News reporter walked into the possession of the knife instrument of domestic market share of over 60% door Precision Machinery Co. edge technologies and products, production of Tianmen Seiki Tool TM brand instrument to attract and hold more than 60% of the domestic market and export volume achieved. In recent years, foreign brands to seek performance advantages of price advantage as to make up for the loss of a major shortcut, mergers and acquisitions in China have used a small knife instrument on business, or Cooperation OEM way, to constantly bring foreign brands made in China., Ltd. After nearly a decade of high level of innovation, local products on the knife instrument, there has been significant progress, the overall level of foreign brands can and comparable to some of the key indicators, and even jumped the international leading position.


Since then, the level of our development of the instrument on the knife is relatively backward, in the following for a long time, China's high-end market is almost knife instrument dominated by foreign brands has # become.


Wu Jin Bao that foreign brands in China knife instrument market has gradually lost its performance edge, the lower prices they seek market approach can be revealing.


Currently selling in the domestic market day door Seiki Tool automation products, "light" and "electricity" two key technology has reached the international advanced level, after the foundation of Lean processing quality is superior mechanical components , the precision of widely used than the foreign brands rough tuning of manufacturing with computer technology, more stability and reliability, service life is also longer.

Has been higher than domestic brands 3 to 4 times the price of foreign brands presetting measuring tool (hereinafter referred to Instrument on the knife ), The most recent price cuts have played an unexpected card, have to flat or lower than local brand prices shot. This move not only made some local brand manufacturers by surprise, many domestic users are confused, and thus triggered a "foreign brand than local brand prices how can" the voices of doubt.