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According to the June 2005 issue of industry journal Occupational Health

Granulator Knife? It's not your lawyer, and it's not a calculator. Given these realities, no manager or small business can afford to ignore the savings that a business-wide safety knife plan makes possible. They thus increase efficiency and save time, as well as protecting workers from injury. The savings come both from reduced injury claims and from fewer incidences of damage to stock. It's a safety knife. It's also a good idea to keep a set of box-opening safety instructions posted near all workspaces, such as the following


Place the box on the floor, setting it at such an angle that you will not be pulling the box cutter toward you. Box cutters are designed to minimize the use of arm and shoulder muscles. This is a small mistake that leads to big lossesboth in accidental destruction of stock and in injury claims.


According to the June 2005 issue of industry journal Occupational Health, the Food Marketing Institute has estimated that the grocery industry alone sustains nearly $20 billion per year in damaged merchandisethirty percent of which was caused by careless box cutting. New employees who door don'tfollow knife safety rules can quickly wield as much impact on a company's bottom line as a CEO. According to the same Occupational Health article, a 300-store retail chain can save $5-10 million per year with such programs. In any given year, according to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly five million workers will experience injury or illness on the job, and more than half these injuries will be severe enough to send the worker home. Such disorders are painful for workers and costly for employers, both in lost productivity and in workers' compensation claims.


Without proper tools such as a safety knife, package-handlerswhether shipping and receiving or mail room workers or just ordinary folksnot only risk knife accidents (which can be deadly), but also Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), a kind of musculoskeletal disorder that results from overtaxing certain muscle groups by tensing them for excessive time periods, due to overuse or poor posture.

Rather than cutting straight across all at once, make a series of small, smooth cuts. The use of the wrong tools leads directly to such muscle strain and overuse.Along with requiring workers to use safety knives, and providing each worker with a safety knife and holster, managers should require their employees to attend knife safety classes. Estimates of injuries due to inappropriate knife use aren't availablemany workers don't report minor injuries, industry experts saybut businesses that have instituted safety-knife programs have reported huge yearly savings. Of these injuries, a third of them will be in the form of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The challenges of modern retail, shipping Pressure Bar and receiving, mail room, food service, and manufacturing work mount every year. In other words, its safety features must be so deeply built-in that a new, untrained employee can't accidentally override them